Understanding Different Types of Welding

In understanding different types of welding, and which is best suited for a specific project, one must consider many properties, applications and more. Over the years, there have been many advances that have allowed welders to more easily join different metals and materials. As specialized welding techniques are developed to better suit the needs of […]

4 Tips for Designing Large, Cost-Effective Components

Large parts are often challenging to fabricate; making cost-effective decisions during the design stage can help to ensure manufacturing success. Sometimes a small change in a design can reduce a project’s cost substantially. 1.    Make Things Easy Effective design communication begins with clear, legible, and accurate drawings that clearly describe the component. Avoid colors such […]

G.E. Mathis Company Earns New ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As a part of our continuous commitment to excellence in manufacturing, G.E. Mathis Company earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification. The updated certification, which replaces ISO 9001:2008, aims to improve and clarify quality assurance methods by providing new standards for a more interconnected world. Notable changes to the certification include: Greater emphasis on company leadership and […]

welder performs welding large diameter pipe

The Versatility of Hardox Wear Plate

Specifically designed for use in harsh, demanding applications, Hardox Wear Plate provides an unmatched combination of hardness and toughness, allowing for extended service life and cost savings. This unique material is used across a wide range of industries to provide optimal reliability and wear resistance. Why Is Hardox So Tough? Hardox, also known simply as […]

New Website for G.E. Mathis Company

    G.E. Mathis Company recently launched a new website. This new site is completely redesigned from top to bottom. In addition to easier access and a totally new design, what else can you expect when you visit G.E. Mathis Company’s brand new website? Here’s an overview of the latest updates: 1. Improved accessibility Our […]

3/4" bump-formed cone segments

How It Works: 3 Key Factors for Metal Forming

What to Consider for Your Next Project Metal forming, or bending, is one of the most common types of metal fabrication. The process manipulates flat sheets of steel, aluminum, and other high performance metals by bending or pressing around a straight axis to obtain a new three-dimensional shape. These shapes can then be deburred, polished, […]

G.E. Mathis Company Blends Cutting Edge Expertise With a Rewarding Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the buzzword of the 21st century. The dynamics of power has shifted irreversibly in favor of the buyers and companies can no longer afford to stay aloof and disseminate information or offer support according to their whims and fancies. Customer satisfaction is defined by marketers as ‘how a product/service stacks up against […]

teacher with students

Trade Education in Schools

By now, you’re probably very familiar with the term “skills gap.” Manufacturers are finding it harder and harder to find employees that are trained with the right skill sets and this is causing problems for those looking to hire as well as those looking to work.  As college is continually pushed as the end-all be-all […]


Welding Capabilities for the Construction Industry

Welding is instrumental to the success of a construction project. Not only is it a handy repair tool for broken and damaged machine parts, it is the mainstay of production supplying any construction endeavor with the required raw materials to progress at the desired pace. It is undertaken by skilled operators and has to be […]

American Manufacturing in 2014 and the Outlook for 2015

Generalizations regarding the state of US Manufacturing are rife! For the first time in almost 50 years, the growth in the GDP was outpaced by actual, tangible growth in the manufacturing sector. The last time the two were at par was before the milestone year of 2000 after which offshoring came into its own and […]