Using state-of-the-art hydraulic plate shearing equipment, G.E. Mathis Company provides the highest quality components, from prototypes to full-scale production runs.

Shearing Machine and Machinist

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of industrial steel manufacturing, our precision plate shearing services are used with a variety of materials, including aluminum, carbon, and stainless steel. Our shearing equipment can accept raw materials in sheet and plate forms, as well as non-standard shapes. We are able to cut carbon steel up to .75” in thickness and 20 ft in length, and stainless steel up to .50” in thickness and 20 ft in length.

G.E. Mathis Company’s precision plate shearing services are utilized across a diverse array of industries, including mining, construction, high-quality components, agricultural, contract manufacturing, aerospace, and the U.S. military.

The Highest Quality in Precision Plate Shearing

For more than a century, quality has been a cornerstone of our culture at G.E. Mathis Company. At our facility, quality assurance is built into every step of production to ensure that quality is never a question with our company.

For more information on G.E. Mathis Company’s precision plate shearing capabilities, please click to expand the tables below.

Precision Plate Shearing Capabilities

Fabrication Method Shearing
Equipment Hydraulic Plate Shear
Materials Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Raw Material Forms Sheet
Material Thickness Up to .75″ Carbon Steel, .50″ Stainless Steel
Length Up to 20 ft
Tolerances Tightest in Industry
Metal Finishing Baking Soda Blast Cleaning
Glass Bead Blast
Inspection First Article
Testing Dimensional (with Calibrated Measuring Equipment)
Die Penetrant
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Additional Services Metal Finishing
Mechanical Beveling
Weld Assembly
Mechanical Assembly
Production Volume Prototype to Production
Typical Lead Time 1 to 2 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agricultural
Contract Manufacturing
High Quality Components
Intended Application Lifting Equipment
Truck Cranes
Wear Parts
Boom Components
Frame Rails
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015 Certified
AWS-D1.1 Certified
File Formats AutoCAD Inventor

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