Customer satisfaction is the buzzword of the 21st century. The dynamics of power has shifted irreversibly in favor of the buyers and companies can no longer afford to stay aloof and disseminate information or offer support according to their whims and fancies.

Customer satisfaction is defined by marketers as ‘how a product/service stacks up against (or surpasses) the buyers’ expectations’. Armed with the convenience of a global economy and the power of the internet truly giving credence to the term ‘a global village’, prospects and customers now have an array of high-quality, affordable products to source from all corners of the world. Obviously the key differentiator is how adeptly vendors can support queries, extend help and reward brand loyalty.

According to research by Ruby Newell-Legner, a single negative experience with a supplier requires 12 positive experiences to balance the decision in favor of a renewal or upgrade! Considering the fact that word of mouth publicity is ranked as the most influential form of promotion and the high churn rate of existing clients, a robust division dedicated to transforming the interactions of buyers with the company is a wise investment.

Embodying this sentiment and built on the pillars of Quality, Integrity, & Craftsmanship, G.E. Mathis Company is a leader in the field of supplying long, intricate and close tolerance fabrications. We not only believe in going the extra mile and ‘doing whatever it takes’ to achieve perfection, we also firmly advocate a policy of Total Customer Satisfaction by focusing on providing all the conveniences needed to successfully process large orders and handle extremely large components which are beyond the capability of most of our competitors.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, exceptional service and performance are a part of our legacy of brilliance. Focused on buyer experience, G.E. Mathis Company has incorporated the art of balancing cutting edge technology with customer value into its vision and mission.

59% of Americans switch to a new brand because of an unrewarding experience with the original vendor. We understand that each of our customers has a unique set of needs. Our team can provide solutions to each and every customer need, and with the combined knowledge of each skilled craftsmen along with our diverse modern equipment, we ensure that brand loyalty comes easy to you!

For additional information about any of our services, or to find out how we can work together to ensure that your next project is a success, please feel free to request a quote, email us at fabsales@gemathis.com or give us a call at (773) 586.3800 and ask for sales.


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