Our Case Studies highlight some of the great work we’ve done across a diverse range of industries and applications.

We encourage you to explore our Case Studies to learn more about G.E. Mathis Company and our ability to successfully provide our customers with the highest quality of custom fabrications, quickly and cost-effectively. Below are a few examples of why our company is a leading supplier and national source for long, intricate and close-tolerance fabrications.

Precision Welding

Custom Welded Boom-Tube Section for the Construction Industry

Our experienced, AWS-certified welders are skilled at welding these boom-tubes with precision, and work to hold all dimensions to extremely tight tolerances. Designed to be used in a crane application, we seam welded this boom-tube section using our submerged arc seam welder. This custom sized tube was made from high strength steel over 240.00″ long. […]

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A Lighter Load and Extended Wear Life Using HARDOX® 500Tuf Wear Plate

HARDOX 500Tuf wear plate is the next generation of abrasion-resistant (AR) steel featuring a unique mix of hardness and toughness. In fact, HARDOX 500Tuf is the first 500 Brinell (HBW) wear plate with properties that deliver the best benefits from both AR steel and High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel. HARDOX 500Tuf offers abrasion resistance that […]

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STRENX® Performance Steel Inspires OEM to Go Lighter and Get Stronger

STRENX® Performance Steel is a stronger, lighter alternative to the more commonly used structural steel such as A36 and Grade 50. STRENX® Performance Steel features a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi, making it up to twice as strong as A36. This durable material allows fabricators to reduce part thickness without sacrificing performance in heavy […]

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Precision Laser Cut Stainless Steel Plate for an Architectural Project

G.E. Mathis Company was recently contracted by an architectural firm to precision laser cut large metal panels. Composed of A240-T304 stainless steel, the custom sized panels were over 160″ tall, including all interior cutouts. In addition, the customer required that we meet tolerances of ±0.015″ for the entire run of 91 pieces. Our advanced, 8,000-watt […]

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A240 SST304 formed section - over 240" long

Custom Formed Steel Section Component Part for the Mining Industry

This custom formed stainless steel section was challenging because of the thickness, profile, and length of the part. We plasma cut A240-T304SS stainless steel, then formed the piece using our 1,000 ton press brake. Holding tightest tolerances of ±.093″ on the overall dimensions, we produced 25 pieces of this component part, which was to be […]

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plasma cut components showing bevels

Custom Plasma Cut & Beveled Steel Component Part for the Mining Industry

Our 400-amp, high-definition, CNC plasma cutting table allowed G.E. Mathis Company to create this part from A36 steel as specified by the customer-supplied 2D drawing. Our machining center features a unique 4-axis beveling head that is capable of cutting a bevel into a part, and is able to follow a contour or a curve. On […]

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