Agriculture IndustryWith the average farm size steadily increasing, farming activities have become more demanding and automated, requiring larger and heavier equipment. Trends towards more sustainable farming have led to the adoption of high-strength steel that creates stronger, lighter, and more efficient farming equipment that doesn’t compromise durability. G.E. Mathis Company provides components made from this high-strength steel.

Metal Fabrication Services for Agriculture

Within the agricultural industry, wear on equipment is primarily caused by ground contact. Choosing machinery that can withstand harsh conditions year after year is necessary to ensure maximum profits and yields. G.E. Mathis Company provides an extensive selection of metal fabrication services for the agricultural industry, including:

  • Precision laser cutting: Precision laser cutting accurately cuts large pieces of plate and sheet metal. Laser cutting is well suited for materials up to 1.25 in. thick and up to 14 ft. by 100 ft. in size. 
  • Precision forming and bending: Our press-brake forming equipment along with CNC-controlled back gauges deliver precise tolerances in forming and bending applications. Using 1,000 tons of pressure, we can bend and form high-strength metals up to 2 in. thick. Our forming capabilities range from 20 ft. to 48 ft. 
  • Welding: AWS D1.1-certified MIG and arc welders deliver highly precise welds on a variety of metal types and grades. In addition, G.E. Mathis Company has a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff. For large-scale projects, our automated and CNC-controlled systems work reliably to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. 

Agriculture equipment demands high-quality materials that deliver reliable performance and longevity. At G.E. Mathis Company, our fabrication processes include high-performing materials such as:

  • High-strength steel: This material is lighter and thinner than conventional steel while providing equal or greater strength. In agricultural applications, it boosts efficiency, resulting in less frequent refuels and the ability to harvest more crops per acre in less time. 
  • A656 grade 80: This durable, low-alloy steel provides high strength and corrosion resistance. 
  • STRENX® Performance Steel (Domex®): Provided by SSAB, this steel product offers an exceptional combination of strength and lightweight performance, making it ideal for agricultural equipment applications. 
  • Abrasion-resistant (AR) steel: This durable material achieves superior longevity and resistance to wear and abrasion. 
  • HARDOX® Wearplate: Another type of steel from SSAB, this abrasion-resistant material performs well in challenging environments and has a long lifespan. 

Agriculture Industry Applications

Agriculture IndustryG.E. Mathis Company fabricates highly durable metal components for agricultural machinery. Our products are designed to perform reliably in harsh environmental conditions. We produce components for many types of machinery including:

  • Tractors and Backhoes: High-strength steel enables this equipment to withstand nearly any condition. Well-designed components extend reach and boost lifting capacity while preserving the strength, stability, and safety of the vehicle. 
  • Harvesters: Harvesters are becoming increasingly more complex and robust to maximize cost-effectiveness and cover more acres per hour. This is possible through the use of high-strength steel in constructing structural parts. 
  • Sprayers: A sprayer boom’s total length can extend to well over 40 meters, putting extreme demands on equipment weight and rigidity. Reliable fabrication is essential to ensure the boom remains stable while maintaining a constant distance from the ground. 
  • Plows and Balers: High-strength steel increases the reliability and efficiency of plows and balers even in hard soil. 

G.E. Mathis Company Agriculture Solutions

The agricultural industry requires high-strength, abrasion-resistant equipment to meet heavy-duty performance demands and ensure equipment longevity. G.E Mathis Company has provided expertly executed fabrication services for 119 years. Our services, which include laser cutting, precision forming/bending, and welding, achieve the tightest tolerances in the industry for agricultural components. 

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer, G.E. Mathis Company delivers low rejection rates and short lead times. We provide a diverse selection of additional services including:

  • Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP) for all levels
  • First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR)
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates (CMRT)

To learn more about our solutions for the agricultural industry, contact us, or request a quote today. 

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