At G.E. Mathis Company, we work with HARDOX 500Tuf wear plate to create lightweight, impact-resistant, long-lasting products.


HARDOX 500Tuf wear plate is the next generation of abrasion-resistant (AR) steel featuring a unique mix of hardness and toughness. In fact, HARDOX 500Tuf is the first 500 Brinell (HBW) wear plate with properties that deliver the best benefits from both AR steel and High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel.

HARDOX 500Tuf offers abrasion resistance that is 70% to 100% higher than 400 HBW AR steel.

Our experience in working with high-strength and abrasion-resistant steels helps us deliver solutions to manufacturers in a variety of demanding industries.

The Challenge

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) initiated a redesign project of one of their production assembly units.

We worked in collaboration with our OEM customer to determine the project goals, which included:

  • Reducing the weight of the total assembly
  • Improving the service lifespan of the final product
  • Developing a tougher, more abrasion-resistant final product

The Solution

After careful analysis of the design, we agreed with the OEM’s assessment that HARDOX 500Tuf wear plate was the ideal material to meet their needs. Compared to conventional steel, it provides up to four times longer lifespan, improved abrasion resistance, and reduced manufacturing costs in the right conditions. HARDOX 500Tuf has a longer wear life than conventional steel, reducing maintenance and repair requirements while optimizing performance and extending service life.


The OEM relied on our experience in working with abrasion-resistant steels to improve the performance of their product. G.E. Mathis Company provided the test material and fabricated components using HARDOX 500Tuf with a large-format laser that processes materials up to 14-feet wide x 100-feet long, and large press-brakes that form material up to 48-feet long in one continuous bend.

The Final Results

The team at G.E. Mathis Company worked directly with the OEM through all stages of the project and reviewed their preliminary designs of key component parts. The OEM asked for feedback on how certain features would aid the feasibility of fabrication. For instance, flange sizes can be designed such that they are not too small to fit over conventional bottom tooling during forming, thus eliminating the need for adding extra forming stock, along with eliminating the secondary trim operation after forming.

Next, G.E. Mathis Company quoted and won the order to fabricate using current material pricing, along with the lead time needed to produce the components. Sales engineers worked directly with the OEM through all stages of the order, from quote to order entry to production to shipment, keeping them updated with progress along the way.

The OEM was able to achieve its desired outcome by switching to HARDOX 500Tuf wear plate.

With vast experience working in many types of high strength and abrasion resistant steels, G.E. Mathis Company works to provide innovative options for companies looking to improve their designs, improve product performance and create a competitive edge.

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