At G.E. Mathis Company, we partner with the most trusted names in the industry to provide our customers with quality components that can withstand the toughest environments and conditions.

These products include wearparts from Hardox, one of the world’s foremost providers of premium quality wear-resistant components. Essential for industries ranging from agriculture, coal, and energy to mining, construction, and metalworking, Hardox wear plate is specially built for abrasive environments.

Learn How to Fabricate  Tougher Components

Hardness and Toughness

hardox_wearparts_largeThe basis of Hardox wear-resistant qualities can be found in its wear plates. When compared to mild steel, Hardox wearparts can last up to 4 times longer. Its unique combination of hardness and toughness is the key to their excellence in performance.

Hardox plates provide the highest level of wear resistance, keeping abrasive material from damaging the surface of steel. Its hardness also reinforces the plates’ overall strength and helps maintain shape. Hardox wearparts are tough enough to withstand heavy impacts in industrial settings without cracking.

The properties of Hardox steel remain consistent from plate-to-plate. They are available in Hardox grades that range from 350 to 650 HB.

Hardox plates can also endure all varieties of temperatures. In normal working conditions, they regularly withstand all impact angles.

Fabrication Services for All Applications

We maintain a full staff of certified craftsmen to offer all types of fabrication using Hardox plate. We typically have access to the following high-strength materials:

  • Hardox 450 Plate, Hardox 450 Sheet
  • Hardox 500 Plate, Hardox 500 Sheet
  • Strenx 100 (Domex)
  • Strenx 100 XF (Domex)
  • Strenx 110 XF (Domex)
  • Strenx 700 (Weldox)
  • Strenx 900 (Weldox)

Working to our customers’ exact specifications, we provide services that include laser cutting, thermal cutting, and welding for plates that range in thickness from .125” to 2.00”.

To learn more about G.E. Mathis Company’s Hardox wearparts fabrication capabilities, please click to expand the tables below.

Hardox Wearparts Fabrication Capabilities

Parts Hardox Wearparts
Material Abrasion Resistant (AR)
High Strength
Grade 300 to 500 (HARDOX®)
100 to 110 (STRENX®)
Form Plate
Thickness .125″ to 2.00″
Process Thermal Cutting
Laser Cutting
Tolerances Tightest in Industry
Inspection First Article
Additional Services Metal Finishing
Mechanical Beveling
Weld Assembly
Mechanical Assembly
Production Volume Prototype to Production
Typical Lead Time 1 to 2 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agricultural
Contract Manufacturing
High-Quality Components
Intended Application Lifting Equipment
Truck Cranes
Wear Parts
Boom Components
Frame Rails
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015 Certified
AWS-D1.1 Certified
File Formats AutoCAD Inventor

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Hardox wearparts play a vital role in providing the toughest, best quality, and most abrasion-resistant components.

For more information on the uses and unique properties of Hardox, check out our eBook “Fabricating Tougher Components with Hardox Wearparts.”

Find out how G.E. Mathis Company can put the qualities of Hardox to work for you—for questions, additional information, or to receive a quote, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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