Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions

Each industry depends on high-quality materials for reliable performance and longevity. We use the following materials in our fabrication processes:

  • Trailers Industry
    • High-Strength Steel. High-strength steel is made to withstand more kilopounds per square inch (ksi) than conventional steel, allowing for stronger and more lightweight parts.
    • A656 Grade 80. A656 grade 80 is a low-alloy steel known for its corrosion resistance and strength. It is ideal for trailer and truck parts requiring durability and longevity.
    • 100 ksi Min Yield. We use this high-strength steel for trailer and commercial truck parts. A high minimum yield strength offers higher tensile strength.
    • Strenx® (Domex®). This high-strength steel from SSAB provides lightweight strength that is ideal for trailers and commercial trucks.
    • Abrasion-Resistant Steel. Abrasion-resistant steel reduces wear of abrasion-prone parts like trailer end dump sides. This material delivers greater longevity for trailer and commercial truck parts.
    • Hardox®. This proprietary, high-strength steel from SSAB is abrasion-resistant and provides extended lifespan and high performance against wear.
  • Construction/Crane Industry

    Cranes and construction equipment depend on high-quality materials for reliable performance and longevity. We use the following materials in our fabrication processes:

    • High-Strength Steel. High-strength steels have a high kilopound per square inch (ksi) rating for better durability and longevity. Parts can also be thinner and lighter than conventional steel while offering the same or greater strength.
    • A656 Grade 80. This grade of steel offers high-strength and corrosion resistance. Crane booms and other construction equipment depend on this durable low-alloy steel.
    • 100 ksi Min Yield. This type of high-strength steel features 100 ksi minimum yield strength. It has high tensile strength, making it suitable for various construction and crane equipment.  
    • Strenx® (Domex®). This high-strength steel from SSAB offers exceptional structural strength and lightweight performance, making it a suitable option for construction and crane components.
    • Abrasion-Resistant Steel. Abrasion-resistant steel delivers longevity and resistance to abrasion and wear. This makes it an ideal material for paving and excavation equipment.
    • Hardox®. This abrasion-resistant steel from SSAB offers abrasion resistance, long lifespan, and excellent performance in wear-prone applications. 
  • Energy Industry

    At G.E. Mathis Company, our expert team delivers fabricated products that meet the rigorous demands of various energy applications, including:

    • Power plants. Power plants require precise and durable fabricated components for power generation equipment such as pressure vessels. We provide high-quality fabricated parts for power plants that comply with strict industry standards.
    • Fuel extraction. Well sites and pipelines require high-quality fabricated metal parts for reliable extraction and transport of fuel. 
    • Refining. Refineries are exposed to corrosive elements, so it is important to have fabricated metal parts that can withstand these conditions. We offer various types and alloys of stainless steel to provide corrosion-resistant components for refining applications.
    • Distribution. The distribution of refined products requires corrosion-resistant, strong, and high-quality fabricated metal parts.
    • Oil and gas. Oil and gas applications such as extraction, storage, and transportation, require durable, wear-resistant components made from high-quality materials. We can fabricate various high-performance and heavy-duty structural components to suit these needs.

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