G.E. Mathis Company provides the highest quality laser processing services available, offering unmatched precision for a variety of industries and applications.

Precision laser cutting machine, 8-kilowatt fiber-optic laser cutting system.

At G.E. Mathis Company, our precision laser cutting services can be performed on an array of materials and thicknesses, and we can handle a wide range of production volumes. Whether you’re prototyping a new part or ramping up for a high volume run, G.E. Mathis Company can provide end-to-end production services for your laser cutting project.

Industries and Applications

A multitude of industries have benefited from G.E. Mathis Company’s laser cutting and laser processing capabilities, including Heavy industry, truck cranes, booms, frame rails and wear parts, among others.

Our precision laser cutting experience spans across the following industries and applications:

Our Laser Cutting Capabilities

Laser cut metal components.

Our large-capacity laser processing systems include gantry-type and pallet-type equipment. Our gantry equipment can process sheet and plate up to 14 feet wide and 100 feet in length, with a maximum output power of 6,000 watts. Our pallet equipment can cut up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet in length, with a maximum output power of 8,000 watts.

Through the use of the latest three-axis, CO2 flying optic, and hybrid laser technology, G.E. Mathis Company can produce high-quality precision components with a variety of materials, ranging from 16 gauge sheet up to 1.25 inch thick plate.

The employment of these advanced laser processing technologies provides us with the ability to cut nearly any shape with remarkable accuracy. For example, complex non-circular geometries, which can be difficult or expensive to hand-cut with standard equipment – can be cut by G.E. Mathis Company with precision and ease.

In addition to our laser processing services, G.E. Mathis Company is equipped to perform a variety of secondary and finishing services, thereby eliminating your need for multiple vendors. Services include CNC plasma cutting, press-brake forming, and welding. Our one-stop-shop capabilities mean we can provide our customers with reduced costs, shortened turnaround times, and peace of mind that their project is in the right hands.

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Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers a number of unique benefits over other cutting methods, including:

Laser cutting machine

When cutting sheet metal laser cutting offers several advantages over other cutting methods, including:

  • Limited to no contact during cutting
  • Less power consumption
  • Increased safety over hand-held methods
  • Increased versatility on types of metal that can be cut
  • Suitability for multiple types of metal with a single laser machine
  • Much higher cutting precision and tighter tolerances than plasma cutting

Trust Us With Your Next Laser Processing Project

For more than 110 years, G.E. Mathis Company has proudly stood behind the unmatched precision and versatility of our laser cutting services to meet the needs of any application or industry.  To learn more about how we can assist you on your next project, request a quote or contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

Read our precision laser processing case study here.

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G.E. Mathis Precision Laser Cutting Capabilities Ovevriew Infographic.

Laser Processing Capabilities

General Capabilities Prototype
Laser Type CO2 (Gaseous)


Laser Configuration Flying Optics
Cutting Axis 3-Axis
Equipment Features Gantry Type & Pallet Type
Intended Cutting Material Steel
Stainless Steel
Thin Metal
Heavy Plate
Hardox Wear Plate
Strenx (Domex)
Cutting Thickness 16 gauge to 1.25″ (Hot Rolled)
16 gauge to .75″ (Stainless)
Cutting Length Gantry Type: Up to 100 ft
Pallet Type: Up to 20 ft
Cutting Width Gantry Type: Up to 14 ft
Pallet Type: Up to 8 ft
Maximum Output Power Gantry Type: 6,000 watt
Pallet Type: 8,000 watt
Accuracy .015″ (Standard)
Tolerances Tightest in Industry
Inspection First Article
Production Volume Prototype to Production
Typical Lead Time 1 to 2 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agricultural
Contract Manufacturing
High Quality Components
Intended Application Lifting Equipment
Truck Cranes
Wear Parts
Boom Components
Frame Rails
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015 Certified
AWS-D1.1 Certified
File Formats AutoCAD Inventor

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Over 100+ Years of Experience

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