Custom manufacturing: It is what our business is built on and is what our customers know us best for. However, how familiar are you with the custom manufacturing process? In other words, are you aware of how fabricators like us actually produce your desired parts?

Design and Quote

Typically, our process begins when a customer approaches us with a drawing of the specified parts or components with the requirements and features precisely detailed. Although we don’t design and engineer a part, we can work with a provided drawing and determine whether or not the specifications will work with our capabilities. At this point, we will provide the customer with a quote, detailing the materials and processes we will be utilizing, as well as the lead time for delivery of parts for the customer to determine whether this will fit into their schedule.


Once a part’s design is set and the quote is approved, it’s time for the fabrication process to begin. Each part will have necessary steps that need to be followed by our engineers. If the part is flat plate or a piece with geometry, then it can be programmed and cut. However, if the part has a more complicated design, then there are more steps in the fabrication, thus extending the process’ time frame.

Throughout the whole process, we maintain consistent communication with our customers, ensuring the part is completed correctly from the beginning stages to the final product. We work diligently to ensure the parts are fabricated to the highest quality and reach their end point right on time. It is our goal to give our customers exactly what they want and need—we have made sure our custom manufacturing process does just that.


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