Specifically designed for use in harsh, demanding applications, Hardox Wear Plate provides an unmatched combination of hardness and toughness, allowing for extended service life and cost savings. This unique material is used across a wide range of industries to provide optimal reliability and wear resistance.

steel plateAdvantages of Hardox

Extremely versatile, Hardox provides critical benefits for various industries. Some of its most unique qualities include:

  • Superior hardness: Offering excellent wear resistance during the lifespan of a wear plate, Hardox features all-around hardness that doesn’t impact structural performance.
  • Excellent toughness: Hardox is able to resist cracks if subjected to plastic deformation and can withstand heavy blows, allowing it to be bent, formed, and welded. Combined with high yield strength, this durability also allows for lightweight designs.
  • Consistency: Hardox retains its properties and strength even in severe, harsh conditions — and also during precision bending, forming, and welding — allowing for predictable, reliable results.
  • Long service life: Hardox can double, or even triple, equipment wear plate service life, optimizing performance while minimizing the risk of damage.

Common Hardox Applications

Hardox’s unique properties make it well suited to a wide range of industries and applications, such as:

  • Construction and demolition: Hardox can be used in various types of construction equipment, from evacuators and demolition tools to fragmentizers, all of which require high reliability and longevity to withstand heavy use and ensure worker safety.
  • Mining: In this safety-critical industry, worker’s equipment — such as mining trucks — must be able to stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining a long lifespan; Hardox provides this reliability, cutting down on repair costs and delays.
  • Military: Hardox Wear Plate provides the protective strength and reliability required in the military industry and is commonly used in the manufacture of armored vehicles.

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For over a century, G.E. Mathis Company has been providing top-quality metal fabrication services, from CNC plasma cutting and CNC punching to plate rolling and welding. Through our partnership with SSAB, we’re proud to offer Hardox fabrication services; we supply Hardox in both sheet and plate form and will work with you to meet your specific project needs.

To learn more about the uses and unique properties of Hardox — which is ideal for a wide range of fabrication methods, including welding, cutting, bending, and bending — download our free eBook, “Fabricating Tougher Components with Hardox® Wearparts.”