During the initial planning phase of fabrication, there are many things to consider. One of the most important of these considerations is material selection—what’s the absolute best choice for your part?

In industries and applications where the metal will be coming into contact with other hard materials that can wear it out due to abrasion, a good choice is an abrasion resistant (AR) plate. AR plates are designed for use in harsh environments.

Of course, there’s more than one type of AR plate. We recommend using HARDOX® Wearplate, which is chemically engineered to provide abrasion resistance throughout the entire thickness of the material, not just the surface. Many other AR plates only offer the abrasion resistance on the surfaces of the material, becoming softer towards the center of the material. Specific benefits of HARDOX® Wearplate include:

  • 1/4" Hardox-450 cone weldmentHARDOX® Wearplate is generally more formable.
  • Readily weldable without pre- or post- heating (whereas pre- and post-heat may be necessary to prevent stress fractures in the material and the weld itself when using regular AR plates, no heat treatment is needed for HARDOX® Wearplate up to 2 inches).
  • Longer part life as a result of even abrasion resistance throughout the thickness of the plate.
  • HARDOX® Wearplate is blasted and primer coated at the mill, which results in material that better resists rusting and scaling.

While different machining processes and specific environments can affect material choice, as a general rule, when an AR plate is right for the job, HARDOX® Wearplate can be highly advantageous. In mining, construction, and other industries, it’s been known to save time, money, and worry. As an official HARDOX® Wearparts member, (one of only a handful in the country audited and authorized by SSAB, the maker of HARDOX® Wearplate), G.E. Mathis Company has a great deal of experience using it, and therefore is well aware of its benefits. When selecting abrasion-resistant material, put your confidence in a fabricator with a proven track record.


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