Bridging the Way through Manufacturing’s Skills Gap

As a long-time American manufacturer, we have seen manufacturing rise and fall, as well as rapidly change due to up-and-coming technologies. Today, we certainly see how American manufacturing is experiencing a renaissance, due to re-shoring and new technology that has been introduced into the production process. However, there is one looming issue that is poised […]

The Art and Beauty of Metal Fabrication

Being a custom metal fabricator is one of the most exciting and rewarding undertakings one can be involved in. It means being a critical part of so many industries—providing creative solutions to companies ranging from mining to construction, and oil to architecture. As a fabricator, we get to work with leaders in their field and […]

Tandem Press Brake at G.E. Mathis Company

Manufacturing Top-Quality Long Parts

Here at G.E. Mathis Company, we pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture a wide range of high-quality components of all shapes and sizes. By staying informed about the latest and greatest manufacturing equipment and processes, we can stay ahead of the competition and do what other manufacturers cannot. One area in which we excel […]

Custom Manufacturing: Our Process

Custom manufacturing: It is what our business is built on and is what our customers know us best for. However, how familiar are you with the custom manufacturing process? In other words, are you aware of how fabricators like us actually produce your desired parts? Design and Quote Typically, our process begins when a customer […]

Laser cutting

Laser Cutting Vs. Plasma Cutting

“Should I use laser cutting or should I use plasma cutting?”—that is the question. Certainly for manufacturers like us, this is a question we receive from many customers; what is the difference between the two and which cutting process is better suited for their end application? While the answer is not cut and dry, there […]

Our Experience at FABTECH

It’s always a great experience for us to interact with other manufacturers and see what new technologies are trending in the industry. Trade shows and conferences provide us the chance to do just that. This year, G.E. Mathis Company sent a team to attend the FABTECH trade show, which took place in Chicago in November. […]

Choosing the Right Material for Your Fabrication Needs

During the initial planning phase of fabrication, there are many things to consider. One of the most important of these considerations is material selection—what’s the absolute best choice for your part? In industries and applications where the metal will be coming into contact with other hard materials that can wear it out due to abrasion, […]

stainless plates

Constructing your Stainless Steel Needs

You’re a customer in the architectural field, and you’re in need of precision laser cut stainless steel panels for your next project. In order for your project to go off without a hitch, these ¼” thick stainless steel panels must measure 63” in width and 143” in length. Not only do you need a quantity […]

GE Mathis Comapny: Growing Up in 2013

What do we want to achieve in 2013? As the new year gets off to a good start, all of us here at G.E. Mathis Company have reflected on the year that was and are setting future goals. So what do we have in mind? 2012 was a positive year of growth, not just for […]

Why we are Celebrating American Manufacturing

Manufacturing. It’s all the rage recently, especially during the month of October—it had been named National Manufacturing Month, in fact. According to a recent article, several national manufacturing associations and departments co-produced National Manufacturing Day (held on October 5th) in order to raise more awareness about manufacturing right here in America. Since companies have been […]