G.E. Mathis Company is an industry-leading provider of close tolerance metal fabricated components. We utilize a wide range of materials in our operations to suit different customer needs. Our use of high-strength steels enables us to create parts and products that withstand use in some of the harshest industrial applications and environments. 

High-strength steels are manufactured in a manner that enhances their physical and mechanical properties (e.g., strength, durability, fatigue resistance, etc.). These qualities make them ideal for use in highly demanding industries. Our latest eBook provides an overview of high-strength steel materials, discussing their advantages over traditional metal and their typical industrial applications.


Benefits of High-Strength Steel

Compared to conventional steel, high-strength steels offer a number of advantages. For example, they can make your products:

  • Lighter and thinner
  • Stronger
  • Safer
  • More competitive

Applications of High-Strength Steel

These clear advantages make high-strength steels a popular choice for many industrial projects. Typical industries that utilize them include:

G.E. Mathis Company and High-Strength Steel

At G.E. Mathis Company, we understand that high-quality materials are crucial for the production of durable and reliable parts and products. That’s why we have partnered with SSAB, a premier supplier of top-quality, high-strength steels, such as STRENX® Performance Steel, that enable components to last longer and perform better. STRENX® Performance Steel is the material of choice for demanding applications, such as those found in the agricultural, heavy machinery, metalworking, and transportation industries.


Learn More About High-Strength Steel From G.E. Mathis Company

If you are in need of a strong, lightweight material for harsh conditions and challenging operations, high-strength steels are the perfect solution. Want to learn more about the properties, advantages, and applications of high-strength steel? The metal fabrication experts at G.E. Mathis Company are here to help.

In addition to being an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer, G.E. Mathis Company can provide the following services:

  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) – All Levels
  • FAIR (First Article Inspection Report)
  • Capability Studies (Statistical Process Control)
  • CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template)

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